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Evading the Edge Update

Those ‘lovely’ people at Microsoft have been tinkering with the Edge browser.  They are keen for us to try it.  So keen, that it is being pushed out as a ‘Windows Update’.

Following a restart of your machine you will be faced with this screen….

Edge Update Screen

From which it is impossible to escape.  There is no close button, hitting Escape does nothing and even pulling up the Task Manager with Ctrl + Alt +Del doesn’t give a clue as to how to avoid going through the forced migration process.

Migration is probably the wrong word, it is more like your account is being taken hostage by Edge.  By the time you reach this screen it has slurped up a lot of your details from your existing browser (history, favourites, saved card details etc) and is is waiting for you to confirm your acceptance of the migration.  It seems impossible to avoid being sucked into ‘new’ Edge;  resistance, as they say, is futile!

However, you can sidestep it, if you know how.

How to Avoid Edge

Counter intuitively, you do first have to hit the ‘Get Started’ button.  However, unlike a parachute jump without the parachute, this is one adventure where you will live to tell the tale.

After hitting Get Started, it will ask you if you want to import from your existing browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, it doesn’t matter, they really, REALLY want you to migrate).  Along side this very prominent button, is a much less prominent link that says “Continue Without Importing“.  Hit this option.

You will be pestered to change your mind but persist and you can move on and continue with your preferred browser.

Those of you with a long memory may recall when Microsoft were punished (heavily) for making it difficult for Windows users to use any browser other than Internet Explorer.  It feels like we have gone full circle!

By all means Microsoft, create new versions of your software. By all means roll it out to user but please don’t force me to use it.  I would like to decide for myself.  ‘New’ Edge has been getting favourable reviews and I was half tempted to give it a try. Sadly these ‘dirty tricks’ mean that it has been consigned to the same place as the legacy Edge – the bin.


WordPress – How to Change the Number of Dashboard Columns

This has been bugging me for weeks.

I tend to use a single decent sized monitor for most of my web design work.  On it, every WordPress install gives me two columns of very large dashboard blocks that makes appallingly poor use of the available space.  So much so that with a number blocks expanded to their full size, much of the information is off the bottom of the screen meaning I have to scroll down for it.  Sort of negates the idea of a ‘dashboard’ if you have to go looking for the info.

I do have one site that for some reason has three columns and it made much better use of the available space.  I wanted to recreate this on my other installs but couldn’t find out how.  I searched every control in the menu structure, looked at the code that drove the dashboard but nothing came up.  How on earth did this one site have three columns and not two?

Prior to WordPress 3.8 there was an option to choose the number of columns present in the dashboard but 3.8 saw this disappear.  Admittedly, there are plug ins that allow you to take control over the dashboard but I’ve discovered something easier, simpler and so obvious I’ve been kicking myself since I found it.

Most browsers allow you to zoom in / out.  On my personal favourite browser – Chrome (and I’m pretty sure it is the same in others too), it is CTRL + / CTRL –
Well, if you zoom out to 90%, such a small change in font size you will barely notice it, it gives just enough room to fit three columns across the dashboard. Voila, everything in view, all at the same time and no need to scroll.

Give it a try. If you have a reasonable amount of space on screen when working on a WordPress site, why not make the best use of it.