Medal inscribed with 20 years

Happy Birthday WordPress

Happy Birthday to the #1 Content Management System (CMS), WordPress.  On its own, it has far greater coverage than all the other CMS put together.
20 years ago this month, WordPress was born.  A fork from a previous project saw it rapidly take off and become one of the guiding lights of web 2.0.
Starting out as a simple blogging platform, anyone who has had exposure to WordPress since then knows how far it has developed.  Each new version adding more features, additional capability and an improving user interface.
QD Design have followed this development when WordPress became our CMS of choice in 2015. The changes we have seen in 8 years are astonishing; goodness only knows what the future holds for WordPress.
Why should you use WordPress? Good question!  WordPress balances the competing priorities of ease of use with flexibility and capability.  Some CMS tools are easy to use but have limited capability and minimal flexibility in what they can do (yes, Squarespace I do mean you).  WordPress is equally at home powering a personal blog as it is representing a small business or even running a holiday rental platform.
If you are finding your current website platform restricting, talk to us at QD Design about moving to WordPress.