Appointment Bookings

• Do you offer customer “appointments”?

• Spend too much time managing your calendar and not enough with clients?

• Let them make bookings directly with you via your website.

• Take payments via your website at the time of booking, stop worrying about “no shows”.

Consultants, Therapists, Fitness Instructors (in fact anyone who offers appointments to their clients), we feel your pain.  Responding to customer enquiries can be time consuming; time that you could be spending earning with a client.

Simplify the process by putting your calendar onto your website so that customers can see exactly when you are available AND let them make a booking without having to call, text or email you.  Better still, ask for payment when the booking is made so you never have to keep cash or handle change.  It is simple to integrate a card payment processor such as PayPal, Stripe or one of the many others available.

Have multiple therapists working from the same premises and need separate calendars for each? No problem.

Need to offer different appointment types or durations? We’ve got it.  In fact you can have ten different appointments within each calendar.

Need to reserve certain times for “walk ins”?  Of course, you can block out repeat time slots or ad hoc blocks of time.

Need to insert appointments by hand (where a client calls you or makes a follow up appointment)? You can easily drop a manually created appointment into your calendar via the simple admin screen.

Our easy to use appointments system will save you time, increase your earning opportunities and means you can spend more time with your clients and less doing administration!

Call us for a demonstration of the system, or drop us a message and we can call you back.

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Nick Hyatt
Chief Developer at QD Design
Nick has web design experience spanning two centuries (well his first page was in 1998)! He is passionate about helping smaller businesses and new ventures make their mark on the web. As well as a web designer he has spent time as a management consultant and business coach and brings these skills to help customers excel. When not designing websites he is likely to be in the mountains be it skiing, climbing or just taking photos of awe inspiring scenery.

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