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Sharing WordPress Posts to Facebook

Writing content for a Blog can take a great deal of time to identify a suitable topic, research it and write / edit the Post itself.  Sharing that content across multiple Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) can be even more time consuming.

A Blog that doesn’t promote itself is akin to talking to the wall, no one will hear you or even know that you have something to say.  Remembering to share posts across all your social accounts in a timely manner isn’t always straightforward.  If only there was an easy way to do it.

Cue Blog2Social…

What is it?

Blog2Social is an automated tool that shares your WordPress Post to your Social channels.  It can also be used for scheduling posts so that they appear at a specific time rather than simply when you write and publish them.

Why Post this?

This is a test Post to see if the content does indeed appear in the QD Design Facebook page.

Having checked out the QD Design Facebook Page, the Post does indeed show up along with the Featured Image and a reasonable length excerpt.  This is encouraging and could save many site owners time; time they would have spent crafting Social Media posts to promote their website / Blog posts.

Time to dig into this tool more deeply and see what it can really do!